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Our Founder | Messias Maoneni

Our multi tribal Échos d’Afrique team is led by Messias Maoneni a dedicated family man, optimistic farmer and passionate destination management expert. Born in rural Rhodesia, Messias has had a colorful life attending English secondary schools and later attending university on a scholarship and specializing in languages, especially French.


Over the past 25 years Messias has been very much a part of the

tourism story in south central Africa – working in various frontline roles for such pioneering companies as United Touring Company, Abercrombie & Kent as well as Rennies travel.


Messias has conceived and operated hundreds of travel projects across Southern Africa creating in that process lasting bonds with hoteliers, safari lodges, boat owners and a plethora of other key tourism players whose products enhance the African mystique. His hands-on philosophy is evident not only in the success of our company, but in his sponsorship and management of a chilli and bean farm in the rural township of Kwekwe where Échos d’Afrique provides a positive social and economic effect on the local community.


Outside of Africa, Messias has had the privilege and opportunity to work as part of an international team of experts who run massive incentive programs in Europe, North and South America, Middle East. This exposure to travel experts from around the world and his ability to work with colleagues from many different cultures is unique among African DMCs. And results in our ability to understand and provide truly world class service for our clients.


Messias founded Échos d’Afrique to provide our clients with unrivaled service and show our guests the magic of Africa. By our efforts we can provide opportunity to both the physically able and disabled youth in our corner of Africa. By choosing to travel with Échos d’Afrique, you are touching a young soul in a positive life changing way.

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