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How We Do It

It is one thing to write about our concern for our guests, but how does this manifest in our daily operations?


In the U.S. vernacular, we are "hands-on". Échos d'Afrique senior management is directly involved with day-to-day logistical operations. Because we are local and all decisions are made right here, no one has to call Europe, or Cape Town, or Johannesburg, or North America to get an answer. Our team is with you throughout your stay to ensure that every detail of your experience is managed to your satisfaction. 


Because we are involved with daily operations, senior management regularly accompanies and supervises tours, activities and events. We are constantly re-evaluating guides, drivers and the cleanliness and condition of vehicles. What's more, we regularly inspect and re-inspect hotels, lodges, boats, restaurants, rest stops, and toilet facilities.


Safety and Security – We are accustomed to working with visitors from six continents and dozens of countries and understand how important it is for them to feel safe and secure. Here are just a few of the precautions we take to ensure our guests' peace of mind:

  • Échos d'Africque uses only the finest coaches, safari cruisers and drivers.

  • Our guides and drivers are fully trained.

  • We inspect coaches to ensure mechanical safety and cleanliness. We regularly measure tire pressure and wash windscreens.

  • Each coach and safari cruiser driver is equipped with a mobile phone so they can call us in the event of a mechanical issue or if a herd of elephants is blocking the road and causing a "traffic jam".

  • For tour groups, we give your tour leader or each participant a business card with a mobile phone number they can call any time in the event of an emergency.

  • For incentive groups, we give the 24 hour mobile phone number to your lead trip director.

  • Days in advance of our guests' arrival, we contact our colleagues in immigration and customs with a list of our guests' names and nationalities, so we can make you aware of any immigration or visa questions or concerns.

  • On arrival day, we inform the duty officers about the group and do our best to enter the immigration or customs area and with a sign bearing the group's name.

  • We greet our guests when they arrive, help direct the group through immigration, assist with porterage of luggage, check names, and escort them to the coaches.

  • Our airports are relatively small, but can still be somewhat confusing – everyone seems to be dressed in khaki and most coaches are the same color. We distinguish each coach with a sign bearing the group's name.

  • Driving across borders (frontiers) between African countries can be a hectic and worrisome experience. Whenever possible, we collect passports and do all of the work allowed to ensure a smooth and worry free crossing.

Senior management monitors all group movements to ensure smooth and on-time departures. Upon return to the hotel or lodge, we inspect each vehicle for any personal items left behind.

The Main Thing...

Business management expert and author Stephen Covey wrote: "The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." The main thing for us, our objective, is making our clients and our guests happy. This is accomplished in three ways: First and foremost, we care for our guests with the dignity and respect they deserve. Second, we possess a vast knowledge of Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. And, third, there is one more factor that is often overlooked when choosing a DMC or tour operator. That factor is objectivity.


Objectivity is critical in recommending only those travel suppliers which meet your needs. We partner with only the best suppliers and contract only the best equipment – the best coaches, the best staff, the best excursion boats, the best restaurants, and the best of everything else. Many area tour operators own lodges, hotels, boats, trains, planes and coaches. They have a vested financial interest in promoting and selling their products. This is understandable. But is the product or service they recommend best for you or best for them? Our independence allows us to remain objective, therefore we can focus all our attention on the products and services that are best for you.

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